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Advanced Arenas Inc. was created in 1992 by Kevin Mann. It began as a small hockey instructional business based in Barrington, Illinois. The company grew from that original form into an ownership company, with the acquisition of the Barrington Ice Arena in 1995. Subsequently, the company incorporated under the name of Kevin Mann Hockey, Inc. From 1992 through 1997 the company began to expand its business lines into the management and consulting fields for ice facilities that were not wholly owned. The business continued to expand and the company underwent a name change in 1998 to Advanced Arenas Inc. when Leon Lekai joined the company as co-owner and Chairman. Since that time the businesses have continued to grow and develop into a broader and more comprehensive organization serving all aspects of ice facility development, management, operation and programming. Simultaneously, we have expanded our expertise to areas that will be key components of our future growth strategy and that will assure our company of a competitive advantage and assure our facilities the utmost in product and program support. Find out more about Advanced Arenas' history

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