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AAMD is the company division responsible for continuing ice facility operation. AAMD is recognized as the premier management company in North America. Its professional staff delivers a tested management product that assures the maximization of rink revenue while offering extensive expense control.

Additionally, AAMD is recognized as the leader in program development and continues to develop innovative methods to further maximize revenues while offering facility clients the best there is in program methods and training. AAMD begins its work six months prior to the opening of a facility. In its function as the management company, AAMD is responsible for all aspects of rink operation.

The transition from the consulting phase to the management phase is seamless as AACG is responsible for getting the building operational while AAMD focuses on initial and continuing operation and programming. For a period of six months prior to opening, both organizations are vigorously focused on assuring ownership that the building is operating at full potential on the first day of operation.

The management program offered by AAMD is extensive. AAMD views its role in two phases. Phase One is the pre-opening phase and Phase Two is the continued operation phase.

Phase One – Pre-Opening (PO)

Prior to the start of operation there is quite a bit of work that must be done. The PO program is focused on staffing, initial programming and marketing. During this phase AAMD is responsible for accomplishing the following:

  • Interviewing and Hiring

    • General Manager

      • Assistant General Manager

      • Office Manager

      • Director of Hockey Instruction

      • Director of Figure Skating Instruction

      • Maintenance Manager

      • Pro Shop Manager (unless leased)

      • Concession Manager

  • Hiring and training all other staff in all phases of rink operation as necessary.

  • Establishment of cash collection and control procedures.

  • Training of all staff on systems and practices including the POS front-end system and the accounting package.

  • Establish pro-shop lease and or inventory, pricing and setup with staff training.

  • Establish food service and or snack bar inventory, pricing, and setup with staff training.

  • Establish all rink inventory control procedures.

  • Development & implementation of all programs including formats and schedules for skating school, private lessons, group functions, private ice use, special events and exhibitions.

  • Develop along with the ownership all advertising, promotions and public relations, prior to opening and on-going marketing strategies. This shall include community interactions and public relations with the elementary, middle and high schools.

  • Assist in the preparation and execution of a plan for opening and operating the facility.

  • Finalize staffing plan for initial operation.

  • Finalize emergency plan.

  • Set-up payroll procedures and payment procedures.

  • Set up banking relationships and accounts as necessary.

  • Setup credit card servicing relationships as necessary.

  • Finalize liability and property insurance commitments and binders.

  • Finalize health insurance plan and register all participants.

  • Complete necessary registrations with appropriate state and federal business authorities.

  • Complete necessary registrations with appropriate state and federal taxing authorities.

  • Preparation and execution of long-term user agreements.

  • Registration with overseeing bodies of hockey and figure skating.

  • Registration of programs with appropriate leagues as necessary.

  • Prepare punch lists of necessary items for programming and secure these items.

  • Establish necessary relationships with supply vendors

    • Cleaning

    • Blade Sharpening

    • Refrigeration Maintenance

    • Payroll

    • Office Supplies

    • Utilities

    • Waste Disposal

    • Food Supply

    • Vending

    • Snow Removal

    • Lawn Maintenance

    • Postal/Mailing

    • Advertising

    • Operating Supply

    • Elevator Maintenance

    • Electrician

    • Plumbing

This process assures that the facility is in full operation on opening day. It is essential that a facility have done its work prior to opening to assure that revenues generated as of day one are maximized and that the operation is presented to the new public in the best possible light. As the management company, we are fully responsible for every aspect of the operation on behalf of the ownership. We welcome owner participation to the degree they choose to be involved which is usually greater in the initial months. Overall we view every member of ownership and management as a team that will have a profound influence on the success of the facility.

Phase Two – Continued Operation

Once operational, a facility is in constant need of supervision and guidance. This is the nuts and bolts of the operation where our years of experience play a key role in enacting the plan that ownership and management has agreed to.

Most importantly, in this phase we constantly analyze the performance of a facility against both budgeted expectations and versus our extensive comparable base. This allows the highest degree of control possible and assures ownership that their investment is being closely managed and supervised.

Additionally, through this method we are able to identify specific trends in the facility area and then adapt future programming to maximize revenues based on the actual demographic performance. The ability to analyze and adapt is the best insurance of future performance.

Continued Operation also requires constant review, supervision and participation in key decision making regarding the following:

  • Quality of Programs Offered

  • Quality of Overall Services at the Facility

  • Staffing

  • Staff – both management and support

  • Financial Performance

  • Revenue Analysis

  • Expense Breakdown – Comparison and General Analysis

  • Cash Control Procedures

  • Forward Planning

  • Operating Procedures

By utilizing a local General Manager and specific staff with supervision from AAMD we are able to remain at arms length and objectively review each business. Our corporate office is staffed with seasoned professionals in all areas of facility management as follows:

  • Director of General Operations

    • Director of Pro Shops

    • Director of Maintenance

    • Director of Food Concessions

    • Director of Marketing

    • Director of Advertising

    • Director of Hockey Development

    • Director of Figure Skating Development

    • Director of Rink Finance

These professionals constantly train and review the performance of the facility within their own product areas. This allows a lower budget at the operating level and the ability to operate at that budget with extensive senior level support and guidance so that the user public believes in the rink, its management and its staff.

This is the Advanced Arena formula and it is a formula that has worked over and over again and is the formula for success in the ice facility business. Most importantly, it is a formula that makes no single person at the facility level non-replaceable which is the key to continued future growth and success. Turnover at ice facilities tends to be quite high when compared to most other industries. Our program anticipates that characteristic and allows for seamless operation in all circumstances.

AAMD views its role to act on behalf of owner as ownership would themselves. We are the experts and view that role seriously. Because of that, we believe that AAMD is the best insurance ownership can take to protect its significant investment in a very unique and specialized business.

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