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Advanced Arenas Inc. started as Kevin Mann Hockey seven years ago. Initially, it provided youth instructional programs geared toward the development of young players. Through that exposure, various opportunities developed for the Company. In the first five years of operation the company grew from hockey instruction to the first stage of a diversified full service organization. At the end of 1997, the roster of Company activities included:

  • Ownership of the Barrington Ice Arena;
  • Management of the Saddle & Cycle Ice Facility;
  • Development Consultant to Johnny’s Ice House, Chicago, IL.;
  • Development Consultant to The Edge I, Bensenville, IL;
  • Development Consultant to Cleveland Ice Group;
  • Manager of Johnny’s Ice House;
  • Manager of The Edge I;
  • Kevin Mann Hockey Camps;
  • Kevin Mann Hockey Clinics;
  • Director, Chicago Blues Youth Hockey Club;
  • Director, CAN/AM Hockey Camps
  • Director, City of Chicago Outdoor Rink Programs;
  • Director, Labatts Men’s Tournaments

Late in 1997, several organizations had approached Kevin Mann to offer capital to expand the business. After careful consideration, in early 1998, Kevin Mann sold fifty percent of the company to Leon Lekai. This transaction enabled Mann to maintain a large interest in the Company while bringing in needed skills in the areas of planning, finance, administration and operation. Upon the addition of Lekai, the Company changed its name from Kevin Mann Hockey, Inc. to Advanced Arenas Inc. The Company also created a parent holding company called KL2 Holdings Inc., in order to facilitate a diversification plan that allowed our varied business lines to eventually operate as separate companies each serving roles to the Company and to outside organizations looking for specific help or assistance.

Since Late 1997, the Company has achieved remarkable growth and the future prospects remain extremely strong. As is attached under the organizational format, the Company has added the following areas of operations:

  • Ownership of a 49.9% interest in I.C.E. Properties, L.L.C., an entity that owns the Edge Ice Arena in Holland, MI.;
  • Management of The Edge Ice Arena in Holland, MI. under a twenty-five year management contract;
  • Development Consultant to the Edge II Ice Arena, Bensenvlle, IL;
  • Development Consultant to the Edge III Ice Arena, Bensenville, IL;
  • Development Consultant the YMCA Ice Arena, Chicago, IL;
  • Development Consultant to EMM's Ice House, Allentown, PA;
  • Development Consultant to City Ice, a multi-sport complex in Downtown Chicago;
  • Development Consultant to the Quincy Ice Arena Group, Quincy, IL;
  • Development Consultant to Glacier L.L.C., a twin rink complex in Vernon Hills, IL;
  • Management of the City Ice Arena when completed;
  • Management of the Glacier Ice Arena;
  • Establishment and development of Advanced Food Services Inc. with initial operations under a long-term lease at the Edge in Bensenville;
  • Establishment and operation of the Advanced Arenas Tournament Corporation under James Babin that operated six tournaments in 1998 and operated 54 tournaments in 1999, with 74 scheduled in 2000;
  • Establishment of the Arena Marketing Corporation under Kerri Tordella, which operates on a commission sale basis for all rink advertising, marketing and sponsorships;
  • Development of the Advanced Netweb Inc. under Nick Levy that allows complete listing of all activity and league information through our controlled web site. This division was initiated with a long-term deal with the Northern Illinois Hockey League (NIHL) to provide on-line scheduling, reporting, and game/league standing information. This organization is currently forming a strategic alliance with and Frontline Solutions;
  • Establishment and operation of the Advanced Pro Shop Inc. under Daryl Woltman and Steven Moskovsky that will initiate pro shop operations (away from those tied to management contracts) at Barrington Ice Arena, the Edge, The Holland Edge and the Addison Ice Arena.
  • Establishment of Advanced Power Hockey Inc. dedicated to instructional hockey camps and clinics. This company was initiated with four weeks of camp operation and 241 clinic programs at our various facilities.
  • Development Consultant to Palm Desert Sportsdome, Palm Desert, CA;
  • Development Consultant to City Ice, a multi-sport complex in Downtown Chicago

Obviously, it has been busy. However, the new divisional structure was predicated upon being able to provide complete vertical and horizontal expertise to our client base. Certainly, we are the only Company in our business to invest this much in infrastructure development. This investment is paying off for us in that we now offer as a diversified Company the “cadillac” of services, all of which are eventually needed in some form by each and every client of ours and every future business prospect which includes new development and existing rink purchase, management or consultation.

In addition to the above divisional structure, Advanced Arenas spent a great deal of time and resources updating our systems to support the existing business of the Company and its future growth potential. At the end of 1997, the Company was overwhelmed by the growth and the pressure such growth had put on the organization.

Over the next eighteen months, the Company proceeded to standardize its business, invest in technological infrastructure and develop the systems that would facilitate easier operation of existing business and handle substantially larger growth. This process began with a revamping of our back office systems into a function program designed by our accountants. We then entered into a long-term agreement with Frontline Solutions, a Pennsylvania based software developer, to install a front-end point of sale and reporting system that can be centrally controlled. This system is regarded as the best in the business and is not affordable to most operators.

Based on our size and prospects, we were able to work out a structure by which the system is affordable and accessible to every one of our clients. This ability to secure product systems has always been a key to our consulting package and Frontline’s participation only augments that further. In addition, our accounting package development team was able to structure an interface with Frontline enabling direct downloading of all front end point of sale information directly to our accounting package. This eliminates time and errors and is key to our ability to monitor and compare performance at our operations.

Finally, we have gone through similar revamping of our payroll, legal, insurance, health, programming and human resource areas to provided consistent application of our standards. Overall, the investment was well worth it in that we now offer a systematic package that can be applied anywhere on short notice that is time and performance tested. We are therefore able to offer our clients a bug-free system in existing operations or in new developments.

Where we are today is faced with enormous opportunities to expand. We are opportunistic in approach in that the portability of our products enables us to select the most desirous of situations in terms of our consulting, management and ownership packages. We do not allow ourselves to be forced into roles that make marginal sense and we select to pursue those opportunities that are winners for everyone involved – owners, lenders, managers and most importantly, users.

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